Alberta to create more film and TV jobs

June 27, 2017 by in Tips

The world has seen Alberta in some of the most popular American films and TV series. Interstellar, Ghostbusters, Fraggle Rock, The Last of Us, and Fargo are just some of the big-name productions that were filmed in Alberta.

The Alberta provincial government recently announced it would be investing more in the film and TV sector.

“Alberta’s film industry has doubled in production value and is becoming one of the fastest-growing industries in our province,” Alberta’s minister of jobs, Doug Schweitzer, said in a media release.t Cannes Film Festival, Telefilm Canada’s on­­going push for diversity and inclusion in the Canadian film and TV industry will be in evidence on more than one front.

The first-time presence at the festival of Canada’s Black Screen Office (BSO) and Indigenous Screen Office (ISO) will give those two organisations, both backed in part by Telefilm, a chance to introduce themselves to the wider film world. And the participation of two up-and-coming Canadian filmmakers — Nyla Innuksuk and Tamar Bird — in the Marché du Film’s impACT Lab, a co-production workshop series in which Telefilm is one of the international partners, should help push the country’s diverse talent further into the global spotlight.


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