Mayor John Tory to lead first in-person Toronto film industry mission to Los Angeles since 2019

June 27, 2017 by in Industry News
May 19, 2022

Mayor John Tory will lead a film mission to Los Angeles next week to help deepen relationships with established studios producing in Toronto, and those that have not yet brought productions to the city.

“WFW is deeply committed to virtual production as an integral part of the future of filmmaking and we are delighted to be in the Guinness Wor

This is the first in-person mission to Los Angeles since 2019. Mayor Tory made the announcement alongside Deputy Mayor Michael Thompson (Scarborough Centre), and Councillors Paula Fletcher (Toronto-Danforth) and James Pasternak (York Centre).

Plans for the mission were announced in Downsview, on the future site of a major new film and television production hub being built by Hackman Capital Partners and operated by Manhattan Beach Studios. The studio complex will anchor a much larger innovation-themed district featuring high-tech, creative industries, housing, parks and vibrant public spaces, which are being master-planned by Northcrest Developments.

The Mayor’s Mission to Los Angeles is a collaborative public- and private-sector initiative, with support from all sectors of Toronto’s industry, including studio owners, unions, post-production companies, equipment suppliers, financiers, hoteliers and educators.

The more than 50 delegates travelling

ld Records,” said Edward Hanrahan, WFW’s director of virtual production, in a statement to Daily Hive Urbanized.

“Along with our traditional studio offerings, virtual production allows filmmakers to combine live-action and cutting-edge digitally created environments rendered in real-time on LED walls and ceilings (known as ‘volumes’) to deliver a production experience unlike any other.”


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