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Ottawa film industry feeling cocky about economic activity

The increase in production is happening across the industry, a direct result of growing demand for content prompted by the proliferation of streaming services.

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Ottawa film industry soars to new heights, bolstered by growing demand for content amid pandemic

It’s been a blockbuster year for film and television in Ottawa, and industry experts say the best is yet to come. As an industry that was able to continue production during the pandemic, advocates say Ottawa’s film sector is bolstering the city’s economy and helping to support small businesses through a difficult year of lockdowns.

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Ottawa’s neighborhoods find the film industry spotlight as a production destination

To Hollywood producer Danielle von Zerneck, Ottawa’s Glebe neighbourhood, south of the downtown core and not far from the Parliament Buildings, is a kind of swiss-army-knife location for movie-making. The lively area with its shops, eateries and bars was one of the selling points for shooting films in the city, Ms. von Zerneck said in […]

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Canadian talent rises in an industry open to all

The diverse filmmaking talent from Canada will be in the spotlight at Cannes like never before, part of a concerted push by Telefilm Canada to give greater international exposure to the country’s award-winning Black and Indigenous filmmakers.

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Calgary Film Centre booked solid as film and TV productions flock to city

Calgary’s film and television industry is experiencing a massive boom — and those at the forefront say that means big money and opportunity for the city as it transforms into a go-to destination for productions.

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Mayor John Tory to lead first in-person Toronto film industry mission to Los Angeles since 2019

Heading 4 May 19, 2022 Mayor John Tory will lead a film mission to Los Angeles next week to help deepen relationships with established studios producing in Toronto, and those that have not yet brought productions to the city.

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North Bay film studio wants city to become entertainment hub

A North Bay production company wants to make the northern Ontario city a movie and television production hub with a $26 million investment to build a large studio. North Star Studios purchased a 100,000-square-foot property from Epiroc, a large mining supply company, and plans to convert most of the space into five sound stages for […]

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Alberta to create more film and TV jobs

The world has seen Alberta in some of the most popular American films and TV series. Interstellar, Ghostbusters, Fraggle Rock, The Last of Us, and Fargo are just some of the big-name productions that were filmed in Alberta. The Alberta provincial government recently announced it would be investing more in the film and TV sector.

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